General Info
General Info

General Info

Official Name: Republic of Armenia (Hayastani Hanrapetoutyun)

Capital City: Yerevan

Official language: Armenian

Religion: Chrisianity (Armenian Apostholic Church)

Ethnic composition: Armenians 96 %

                            Minorities: Russians, Greeks, Assyrians, Yezidis, Jews, Kurds and others

Population: 3 249 500 (2010 estimate)

Area: 29 74 thousand square kilometers

Currency: Dram (AMD)

Avarage altitude above sea level: 1800 meters

Highest mountain peak: Aragats (4095 meters)

Neibouring countries:

in the North-Georgia

in the Nort-East-Azerbaijan

in the South-Iran

in the South-West-Azerbaijan

in the West-Turkey


Experience the glory of all four seasons here in Yerevan. Yerevan has a dry and continental climate. The minimum temperature recorded here in winter is -30 degrees Celsius, and the maximum temperature recorded in summer is +41.4 degrees Celsius. The annual rainfall is about 300-350mm.


 The summer in Yerevan is hot; the winter is rather cold but not very long. The spring is also short, warm days continue up to the end of September, however Yerevan is regarded by its inhabitants a pleasant place to live. The autumn is the best season in this city. It is the time when in the numerous markets of the city you can buy incomparable fruits of the Ararat Valley: apricots, pomegranates, grapes, apples, peaches, berries, nuts…