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Shushi Grand Hotel in Shushi (Kharabakh)

To explain to curious people why Shushi attracts so many people is understandable because this little district of 5000 people is full of History and surprises.

Shushi offers to visitors a breathtaking view of the landscapeand of the mountains. Each year, Shushi welcomes famous musicians and generates the venue for thousands of people. Moreover, Shushi historically was the capital of the Karabagh and owns many historical sites such as the Forteress and the Cathedral.

Charming, with traditions and history, this is what defines perfectly this region full of character. Shushi is not only a great destination but also a revealing place where visitors can enjoy their stay in the ecotourism.

The Shushi Grand Hotel is composed of 50 rooms and suites, brand new, totally equipped. 70% of the rooms have their ownbalcony and offer a unique view on the Shushi Historic Village. 
Turning your dreams into reality is our goal. We are always ready to listen to your special requests, and aim to respect a high level of quality service.